If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.African Proverb

Get new visitors coming to your Tourism Business

Manitoba Pass is a year-round program working to get Industry Partners new customers at no cost!

  • There is no cost for you to join
  • The program is free so that non-profit and for-profit can benefit from the program equally and transparently
  • We package admission to different attraction and activities
  • To give the customer more value, we bundle your existing group/incentive rates into the package or Pass
  • To protect your brand, your rates are not disclosed
  • These packages or Passes are sold to customers by us
  • As admission is already included, customers are more likely to try something new or travel to different areas
  • For admission the customer shows their physical pass which contains a one-time admission voucher
  • You collect these vouchers and we pay you based on the pre-agreed group or incentive rate

Some of our Partners

We care! We want to contribute towards the long term growth of the tourism industry by making it more enticing for visitors to come to Manitoba, and at the same time we want to make it more affordable for proud locals to discover more of their province. Through partnership, the opportunities for growth are enormous. More visitors leads to more positive economic impact for all.

Visitors coming from out of province 9%
Visitors coming from overseas 1%
Visitors coming from the US 4%